The Gallery Place Project works to create a sense of pride and belonging in our city and engages, trains and pays local artists to activate underutilized spaces.

Keeper Gallery Place is an experiential space meant to serve as an oasis for creative activity on the Wichita riverfront and is designed to function as interactive space where all are welcome and encouraged to flex their creative muscles!

Keeper Gallery Place is at the Mid-America All-Indian Museum at 650 N Seneca Street.

The Gallery Place Project is directed by Harvester Arts, in partnership with Mid-America All-Indian Museum, Bokeh Development, the Wichita Foundation, Lifeboat Creative and with support from the Knight Foundation.

"Momentum" by Quintis Pinkston

“It instills a sense of pride in being able to see my work in one of the busiest areas of town. It’s a big deal to see murals up downtown with people that look like me and it makes me proud of my city because of the hope and possibility this creates. It shows other people that look like me that this is possible.” – Pinkston, on what it means to him to have his art displayed at Gallery Place Project.

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